Demo submission, simplified…

We’re happy to announce a new update to the site.

As a producer and artist, you can now directly and without any demobox or registration hassle submit your demo to us!
We’ve prepared a new submission form that provides us the most relevant information about you as an artist and producer, while it keep things simple and easy for you to submit your work.

Before you submit your demo, please ensure you are following our guidelines. Submitted material violating our guidelines remains ignored.
Submitting your music through this page is the only way your music will be listened to.

  • We only accept Trance, this includes Progressive-Trance, Uplifting-Trance, Vocal-Trance, Tech-Trance, Psy-Trance etc.
  • We only accept original material. Remixes, Cover versions or Bootlegs remain untreaded.
  • Allow us up to at least 10 business days to go through submitted material.
  • Avoid sending your material elsewhere meanwhile.

If we’re interested in signing your recording, we will contact you with a private message on LabelRadar within the mentioned range.

We listen to every single submission we receive, yet please do not expect personalized feedback or specified details on your production if we decline a submission – we can’t provide this service with the amount of demos we receive every day.

Go check it out, visit - we’re waiting for your next big tune!

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