Safarda - Purified

Safarda’s new release, ‘Purified,’ embodies a captivating techno narrative, weaving hypnotic beats, celestial melodies, and rich sonic textures. The track unfolds with intricate layers, inviting listeners on a mesmerizing techno journey through evolving soundscapes. Safarda’s skill shines in crafting a transcendent experience within the dynamic realm of techno, where ethereal melodies seamlessly blend with a driving bassline, creating an immersive and compelling musical atmosphere.

Vatera - No Tomorrow

Vatera’s debut release, ‘No Tomorrow’ emerges a progressive trance gem, garnered attention for its captivating blend of mesmerizing melodies, pulsating beats and immersive sonic landscapes. Characterized by its dynamic and ethereal atmosphere, ‘No Tomorrow’ showcases Vatera’s proficiency in crafting a compelling journey through the realms of progressive trance. The song unfolds with euphoric synth sequences, driving basslines, and intricate rhythmic patterns, drawing listeners into its evolving layers of sound.


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No Tomorrow



James & Paul Lowndes






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est. 2015

EVOLVE operates with the ethos of providing a platform for talents within the Trance & Progressive genre to articulate their creative expressions. Our music serves as a unifying force, instilling hope, trust, and motivation that resonates with audiences during both prosperous and challenging moments. It serves as a conduit for meaningful messages, affording our artists the opportunity to convey profound narratives.

Founded in late 2015 and officially launched in January 2016, EVOLVE has successfully solidified its position as a distinguished Trance & Progressive Record Label. Over the years, we have garnered recognition by being featured on esteemed radio shows and podcasts worldwide, such as GROUP THERAPY by Above & Beyond, A STATE OF TRANCE by Armin van Buuren, VONYC SESSIONS by Paul van Dyk and many more, earning acclaim from both emerging and renowned DJs on a global scale. EVOLVE proudly stands as the premier Trance & Progressive music record label in operation within Germany.