Evolve Records follows the set of mind that talent deserves a platform to express itself. Every artists wants to express themselves with the music they create. Music is what unites us all, it gives us hope, trust, motivation, it’s with us in good times and in bad times. Music has the power deliver a message. We believe that every artist should be given the chance to deliver this message.

Evolve was founded December 2015 and was officially launched on January 1st 2016 by Trance Artist, Producer, CEO & Founder Christian Roggow who began to produce Ambient / Chillout music in early ages, and slipped into Trance the later years. Following the spirit of the predecessor label Arcadia Moon, founded back in 2013 in cooperation with Dance label legend Dieter Stemmer, functioning as sub label for Trance music.  Following the spirit, Evolve Records has since focused on the search and promotion of talented artists in Uplifting-, Melodic,- & Progressive Trance from all over the world.

With a rapidly growing lineup of national and international artists, in  mid. 2016, Frank Nanninga joined the team of Evolve Records, working as audio engineer for many years, Frank is enriching our team with enabling us to offer professional audio mastering to our artists.

In late 2016, electronic music producer Sami Määttälä became a part of the #evolvefamily, joining the team with his label Ionized Records that he had established in 2014, focused on the search for talents in Progressive & Hard Trance music, Sami is enriching our team with the same spirit, that we followed ever since.

Evolve is a proud member of the Appointed Music Group, founded by Patrick Rachel partnering with artists from North America, Ireland, Ukraine, Canada, Germany, USA, The United Kingdom and many more in a crossover cooperation with Appointed Recordings, Blackout Trance Division, MoreFun Records, Trance Army Records, Trance Elements Records, Purelevel Recordings, Fuzion Four Records, Entrancing Music, digitalBlack, Dirt, Lies & Audio, Web Recordings, West Drift Records, Televisionary Recs & Equus Recordings, sharing the same belief into our passion.