Remix Contest - Rheligie feat. serenn - Cut To Shreds

You are a passioned Trance music producer? You might want to give this a shot and win a great prize.

Mario De Caine - The Fascination - OUT NOW!

Mario De Caine debuts his first EP "The Fascination" including two major Uplifting Trance tracks, "Flight Of Angels" and "Orient Express".

Rheligie feat. Rachael Chapman - Hands On Thorns - OUT NOW!

With a breathtaking debut on Evolve Records, Rheligie returns to the spotlight, joined forces with exceptional vocalist Rachael Chapman.

Safarda & Frozen Skies - Fable

Safarda & Frozen Skies - Fable - OUT NOW!

After his mesmerizing debut release on Evolve Records, Safarda strikes back joined forces with Frozen Skies to present their new track Fable.

Interview with Synthfire.com

Our friends at synthfire.com gave us the opportunity for a shoutout. Read the full interview here!

Jan Miller feat. Anthya - Suspended

Jan Miller feat. Anthya - Suspended - OUT NOW!

Swiss producer Jan Miller strikes back with his latest release ‘Suspended’, grouping up with Italian singer and songwriter Anthya.