Kross & Fader - Cardinal Points

After their debut ‘Road To Rome’, Italian DJ and production team Kross & Fader composed of Maxxuel and Arthesia return to spotlight with their all new banging Trance composition ‘Cardinal Points’. Combining smooth 80’s influenced synthesizers with the flair of the most recent Progressive Trance sound, ‘Cardinal Points’ devours you with its unique charme on massive sub basslines, a soft and dreamy break to throw you into a massively progressive Drop.

Last Soldier - Last Samurai

Coming up with his debut on Evolve Records - Last Soldier presents his brand new Trance Hymn ‘Last Samurai’. Driven by melodic plucks on fulfilling basslines, ‘Last Samurai’ invites you to take a dive into the world of Last Soldiers mastermind. With melodic square synth sounds, heavenly soft plucks and rich atmospheric backgrounds, ‘Last Samurai’ makes you wanna nod your head to the crystal clear summer vibe with a touch of melancholy it brings with it.

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