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We're giving away 1 customized Evolve T-Shirt to a lucky winner of our giveaway contest action.

The T-Shirt will feature our brand placed on a position of your liking.
The winner will be able to choose the size, position & color between:

Brand positioning:
Chest fullwidth (ca. 30cm)
Chest left side (ca. 10cm)
Chest right side (ca. 10cm)
Back fullwidth (ca. 30cm)

S, M, L, XL, XXL

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL (Lady-Fit)

Black, Deep Navy, Fuchsia, Heather Grey, Kelly Green,
Orange, Red, Royal Blue, Sunflower & White

Manufactured by Fruit Of The Loom, Softspun® quality, round neck Lycra® Ripp, 165 g/m², 100% cotton (except Heather Grey: 97% cotton  3% polyester), for women the shirt will be Lady-Fit.

If you enter our giveaway action, you will be rewarded with 1 entry ticket. You can increase the amount of your entry tickets by inviting friends through social media, using your personal referal-URL generated only for you after you entered your informations below. Every invited friend who participates in our giveaway action using your personal referal-URL provides you +1 entry ticket and increases your chance to win the prize.

This contest expired.

Terms Of Condition & Disclaimer

You may only submit your own address once. Multiple entries with different addresses belonging to the same person is against the rules. You may invite as many people as you wish. Play fair.

• No purchase is done by entering this giveaway contest. 

• Purchases of the actual shirt do not enhance or increase the chance of winning. 

• Void where prohibited. 

• Team members, artists and / or staff of the company are prohibited to participate in this giveaway action.

• The contest runs from the 17th of June, 2017 0:00 UTC+2 until the 1st of July, 2017 0:00 UTC+2. The remaining time is being displayed on the contest page. To meet the eligibility of the contest, you need to provide a valid email address in combination of your actual name. 

• Every participant will be rewarded with 1 entry ticket, which can be increased by his / her personal referal-URL by +1 entry ticket per invited friend. The selection of the winner will be randomized, whilst the more tickets increase the chance of winning.

• You enter to win a free customized Evolve T-Shirt which is being sent to the winner free of charge.

• The winner will be notified by mail within 7 (seven) business days after the contest has ended.

• The provided informations will be transfered to a third party service provider ( ( for internal use only and ( for the automated service of selecting a winner. By entering the giveaway contest, the participant agrees that his email address is being used for the selection of the winner and our newsletter system.

• Our company can not be liable for potential damage given to the product throughout the delivery process of mail. The prize is in unpacked, undamaged and original condition at the point of mailing it out to the winner.

• The odds of winning rely to the amount of entry tickets to the contest. The more tickets a participant receives, the higher his / her chance to win the prize. The winner is being selected by a randomizing third party software, that does not access email informations.

• The winner is being selected in an automated process with the use of the service on for ‘random drawings’.

• The giveaway contest is hosted by Evolve Records, Mattenburger Str. 11, 27624 Geestland, Germany. 


Remaining time

17th of June, 2017 0:00 UTC+2 until the 1st of July, 2017 0:00 UTC+2



Previous Winners:

• 2-CD “Trance – The Vocal Sessions – Extended Versions Vol. 1”: Craig O’ Sullivan